Today is Saturday and since I’m not on duty, it’s my lazy day. During such days, I have to find things to keep me busy. Being the proactive girl that I am, propelled by the urge to keep my mama happy, I have done the laundry and most of the house chores. My mama doesn’t understand my generation which she likes to call lazy and unfocused. She often wonders where my mates and presumably myself as well, will get husbands when all we do in her eyes is scroll phones with our neatly manicured nails. That aside, my chores are done and so I have the rest of the day to myself. I occasionally stock an array of books because mama prefers her daughter smart. But today my mind would not have it. After turning pages of my current read Becoming by Michelle Obama, I decide to pick my phone and scroll away.

I respond to a couple of messages on Whats App and then decide to have a look at my Facebook page. It’s been a while. The first notification I get is a memory of a photo I took with my friends back in campus. I recall the wonderful days that I had back then. Silently, I wish there was more time to be spent with my friends. Apart from the few calls we share when we have a chance and sometimes bumping into each other in the city we have all been thrown into the busyness of the world.

Friendship in campo is a big deal or at least it was for me. Friends are the families that we get an opportunity to choose. Most of the relationships I made, were with people who would never, on first thought or sight made it to the inner circle. We met under weird circumstances, perhaps places where friends are not made. But is there really a special place for making friends? Many a times you just talk to a stranger and then slowly realize that you share similar interests and preferences that goes deeper than the initial weird first impression. So, basically that’s how I made friends. It was never forced but we just got along.

The first friend I ever made was a girl I met at the queue during registration. She was a bit reserved but she struck me as a cool person to hang around. It was never my intention to befriend her but soon we found out that we would be sharing rooms in our first semester. We had also been admitted to the same course and above it all we hailed from the same region. Later on we discovered we enjoyed the same genre of music and movies. There were always stories and experiences to share. At least my first week in campus was sorted the rest would be figured out along the way.

My first friend despite being an introvert had her way in making friends. Soon her friends became my friends too. My squad in campus was great. They were my biggest support system. Miles away from home they made life bearable and exciting. When I needed a little psyche to attend class especially on cold mornings they would cheer me up and gave me the extra push that I needed. We also did group assignments and projects together. Other students often wondered how we managed to remain focused despite being close friends.

And when it was time to relax we were also good at it. We organized sleepovers when the semester got too exhausting to unwind. It helped relax the mind as we ate together, watched horror and just share our baggage. This was a safe space to let it all out without fear of being judged. At one point we tried a hand in business bu sadly the plan backfired. Looking back I guess our personalities were to blame. However, my proudest moment was when my friends and I took a girls trip. Packing our bags and visited the coastal region before we all parted ways, was refreshing. We shared lasting moments that I cherish to date.

Aside from friends pursuing the same course I met others, with whom I shared dreams of making the world a better place. They helped me unlock the potential that lay deep within me. I discovered my capacity to be a leader through them. With their encouragement, I embraced the culture of healthy competition and having a life outside class. Soon I transformed from the girl sleeping or binge watching series when I had no class to a proactive member of society. We would visit children’s home, go for team building, attend seminars, hiking, dance together and just have fun through the long weekends.

As I scroll down my phone and reminisce of the past, I am filled with gratitude to all the friends that made my college life fun and worthwhile.